Over the course of his distinguished career, which has spanned nearly two decades, Anthony Caparoso has gained firsthand knowledge of the nuances and intricacies of the education field. Currently a Vice Principal for the Franklin Township Board of Education, Anthony Caparoso has served in both teacher and administrator positions for various schools. In every role, he has worked with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to improve the educational experience for all involved. He is particularly experienced in improving technology infrastructure within learning environments as well as the literacy and special needs instruction which is delivered to students each day.

In 2008, Anthony Caparoso was hired as the Principal of Woodfern Elementary School in Hillsborough, New Jersey. He realized the necessity of utilizing new technology in the classroom and worked to implement a variety of practices that helped meet that need. Anthony Caparoso advocated the installation of Smart Boards and laptops to facilitate efficiency for teachers’ lesson plans. Smart Board technology combines a whiteboard—standard in many schools in the United States—with a computer. A projector is used to present the computer’s display screen on the interactive whiteboard. Teachers and students are then able to manipulate the content on the whiteboard, which gives the entire class the ability to interact through the digital interface. Anthony Caparoso also attended a training session to understand the abilities of the system more fully.

In administrator positions, Anthony Caparoso has done his utmost to protect students from physical and emotional attacks. For example, as Vice Principal of Franklin Park Elementary School in Somerset, New Jersey, he established a “Bully Free” program. Its aim was to prevent negative behaviors and greatly reduce the number of bullying incidents in school. Mr. Caparoso has regularly remained in close contact with teachers and parents to solve a wide range of academic and behavioral problems.

In his current job, Anthony Caparoso maintains a supervisory role for the teachers and students in the sixth grade. He is the main disciplinarian for sixth graders as well as the primary evaluator of the staff members who work within this grade level. He has direct oversight of transportation, technology, and security.

Mr. Caparoso holds M.A. degrees in Educational Leadership and Teaching from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He maintains numerous certifications and has attended a plethora of professional development training sessions.