Elementary school vice principals perform a variety of tasks in order to ensure proper operation of an educational institution. Directly under the principal, vice principals collaborate with teachers and other administrators to understand issues faced by their schools and to create new regulations. Additionally, they institute rules based on policies enacted by Boards of Education.

People in this role must fulfill human resources functions by evaluating current staff and hiring new employees. Vice principals also concern themselves with students by monitoring troubled pupils, encouraging positive behavior, and enhancing security throughout the school. Maintaining the upkeep of the facility and its technology serves as another key responsibility, and vice principals often file grant applications for increased funds.

About the Author:

Part of the New Jersey public education field for 16 years, Anthony Caparoso acts as Vice Principal for the Franklin Township Board of Education in Somerset. Earlier in his career, Caparoso acted as an Elementary School Teacher with the Clark Township Public School District and as Principal of Woodfern Elementary School.